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Stop Gripping, Toothache like Shoulder Pain, Free up Stiffness and get back doing what you enjoy without needing to rely on painkillers

Shoulder pain when it hits can be extremely limiting in your day to day activities. You can begin to wonder why it has come, why it has happened to you and why it just will not go away. Dressing starts to become difficult, putting on your seatbelt is an issue, even lifting the kettle becomes a bother. The simplest task becomes a major problem, and you feel you can no longer enjoy time with family like before because of the sharp pain that hits you suddenly.

If this has happened to you, you are not alone. Shoulder pain is a quite common issue we treat at BuaVox Physiotherapy in our Hamilton clinic. We treat it so often we find that people often have the same questions like:

Why is this happening to me? And why won’t it just go away?

Often that is just what people hope for, that the shoulder pain will just go away on its own, as easily as it came without having to do anything. They just wait and wait and wait and before they know it, they have put up with months of pain and a lot of the time it’s not improving but getting worse!

Sound like you?

Here is another scenario we often hear from people who come to us for help. They just put the pain down to having slept awkwardly on their shoulder one night. They mentioned it to a friend who has said the same thing happened to her and that it must just be their age. That they are getting old and these aches and pains just come and go. But just waiting is not helping and they thought the shoulder pain they woke up with might have been from something they did a few days earlier. Nothing to do with age and the longer they’ve waited to do something about it the stiffer, more painful and frozen it has gotten.

Has that Happened to you?

Or how about just taking painkiller after painkiller on a “hope for the best” basis. But the painkillers aren’t helping, and you feel no better than you did already. Before you know it 6 weeks goes by and nothing has changed, so you go to your GP and just end up getting offered stronger painkillers!

If you are like the people that we help at BuaVox Physiotherapy with shoulder pain, they are frustrated with the affect the shoulder pain has had on their life. They want to be out enjoying their hill walks, on the golf course, doing their gardening, be able to cook and hang out the clothes, enjoying quality time with their family without a nagging pain. Society opinion on pain though and the confusion of information out there means people just put up with their pain believing they need to accept it in their 40’s and 50’s when it is not so.

Do you feel like this too?

Are you currently living with Shoulder Pain? Here are 7 Reasons why you might be suffering with Shoulder Pain longer than you should:

  1. You decided to just wait and hoped the pain would go away by itself, but it hasn’t
  2. You went to your GP and were just given some basic advice to rest and painkillers – you took them but all they did was give a tiny bit of relief and once they wore off the shoulder pain was back
  3. You’ve listened to your friends and tried what they have told you, that it’s a frozen shoulder but nothing they have said has helped
  4. You’ve seen a couple of other healthcare professionals but have not been given a clear understanding of what is happening, only a sheet of exercises which you’ve tried for a bit but nothing changed
  5. You have checked Google and YouTube for advice, changed pillows and used heat packs all with limited benefit
  6. You get your family to rub your shoulders which feels nice while it’s being done but the pain never goes away
  7. You felt everything you did for your shoulder pain just made things worse so decide to just rest it only for it to feel stiffer

If any of this sounds familiar to you, like it has to many others we have seen, we would love to help you. We would like to invite you to call one of the Physios at our Physiotherapy Clinic in Hamilton to have a chat and see how we can help you. Even if you have tried things already, that’s great because you are already on your way to being better as you know what DOES NOT WORK, meaning you are even closer to getting your Shoulder Pain Sorted!

Just click the box below to organise your call with one of our Physios. You will get some honest advice and a chance to ask some questions which may have been bothering you. This call is completely complimentary and there is no obligation to book a plan of care after. We are just aiming to help you make the best possible decision for your health.

What can I do to help my Shoulder just now?

1. The first and best thing you can do is Commit to Getting Help. It is tempting for many people to just wait and do nothing when they have Shoulder Pain. Sometimes its fear holding people back about finding out if anything can actually be done. Sometimes it’s feeling that there is nothing that can be done and just accepting it or sometimes it’s just waiting, thinking it will go away. Before long 3 months have passed and people are still suffering. This is not a way to live. The sooner you choose to take action and take back control from your Shoulder Pain the better.

2. Avoid keeping your shoulder in one position for long periods. It can be tempting when dressing is sore, putting out the washing is a task, you get a sharp pain when reaching into the top cupboard and you feel you can barely lift a kettle. However, holding your arm across your body or doing more with your other arm only compounds the initial problem and can lead to your shoulder getting a lot more sore and stiffer. The trick is to keep it moving in a way that is comfortable.

3. Get The Right Type of Exercise. There is so much information out there now that it’s hard to know what is right and what is wrong. Still, the best possible way to ease and get rid of your shoulder pain long term is with effective exercises. But with all this info out there, what are the best exercises to do? There is no way around it – the best thing to do is to see a Physiotherapist who can work with you and plan a progressive exercise programme for your Shoulder Pain to get you moving freer, feel stronger and get you back to what you enjoy doing.

4. Get Face to Face Physio. Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints people have and Physio is one of the most proven effective ways to help people with it. If shoulder pain has stopped you from enjoying all the past times you had before, taken the enjoyment away from being with your family or deprived you of your independence, get in touch with a Physiotherapy Clinic that can help you.

If you would like to know how we at BuaVox Physiotherapy can help you get relief from your Shoulder Pain, organise a visit to see us below. This is a completely free visit with no obligations to book a plan of care:

NOTE: The Free Discovery visit is for people who are a bit unsure if Physiotherapy is for them or are nervous about committing to Physio or what it entails. If this sounds like you, we would love to offer you a free discovery visit with no future commitment required and no financial loss for the visit. It simply gives you an opportunity to ask a few questions and for us to ensure we are best suited to your health needs.

How Can BuaVox Physiotherapy help Ease my Shoulder Pain in the next few days?

Here are just some of the things we can do in the first few sessions to get you on your way:

  • We can help you find out what is wrong and causing your pain and give you the understanding needed to get you living your life again
  • We can quickly ease pain and stiffness and get you moving your shoulder a lot more
  • Pain can Zap you of energy, helping reduce it will give you it back
  • Get you back out doing what you love and not having to feel like you must pull back from doing what you enjoy due to pain
  • Enjoy time with your family without feeling like you are burdening them with your pain story
  • Stay out of the GP clinic for longer and take control of your life without the constant need for painkillers or risk the need of having pointless injections or dangerous surgery
  • Finally get a good night’s sleep without having to stop yourself from lying on one side over the other
  • Get seen face to face without having to wait months for an appointment only to be given a sheet of exercises
  • Get your Shoulder stronger so you can get back to gardening, cleaning, playing golf, lifting your kids and grandchildren without the fear of shooting pain
  • Stop feeling like that as each day and week and month goes by, that you are doing less and less because of your pain. We will guide you through the whole process to help you get back doing what you want to do without fearing you shoulder will give way

We want to get you back to enjoying your life like you were before being struck down with Shoulder Pain!

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